torsdag 13. juni 2013

13.06.2013 aka SCAAAANS

Major Sketchdump yo!

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  1. I love pencil work so much!

    Okay, so one thing that I can see that is being sacrificed is probably the 'overallness' of the images. I would try to think of each page as a sort of complete composition. Like find focal points and then have everything be subservient to them. You start doing this on occasion with some of the pages (for example The shadow behind the character on the left pulls your eye in that direction.
    I'm just trying to help you think about the overall composition -- even in sketches -- can make these appear as finalized pieces in their own right.
    Other than that a more consistent value scheme would help to really give these pages that extra *POP*.

    No matter what I say though, these are all really kick ass regardless. I tend to love the sketches that people pump out more than the finalized pieces for the most part. Keep up the good work!