tirsdag 11. desember 2012

12.12.2012 aka IllustrationDay8

Painting on mah dwarf, and hanging out with mah lady^^

(PS: check out her stuff at stefabou.tumblr.com)

søndag 9. desember 2012

10.12.2012 aka IllustrationDay7

This is Dwarfy MacDwarf! He roams the high passes, and slays goblins and the odd dragon!

torsdag 6. desember 2012

06.12.2012 aka IllustrationDay6

Here is the innitial concept for the next onem some sort of alien:)

onsdag 5. desember 2012

05.12.2012 aka IllustrationDay5

Here is the finished piece, or at least as far as I gonna push it. I have learned a lot from it, so I think I will move on to the next one, and keep improving:D Hells this is fun^^


tirsdag 4. desember 2012

mandag 3. desember 2012

03.12.2012 aka LunchSketchDay6

Been reading Conn Iggulden lately, and mongols are AWESOME! Romans are pretty fucking cool though, but the Mongols are extraordinary.


søndag 2. desember 2012

02.12.2012 aka IllustrationDay3

WIP on my illustration, I will finish it this week I think:)

onsdag 28. november 2012

28.11.2012 aka LunchSketchDay5

So here is today's lunch noodle. The next illustration is on the way, though it takes time^^'

torsdag 22. november 2012

onsdag 21. november 2012

21.11.2012 aka Illustrationday 2

Here are the thumbnails for the next one. Any favorites?

21.11.2012 aka IllustrationDay1

So here is the first step in my self improvement attempt!

One more each week

onsdag 7. november 2012

tirsdag 30. oktober 2012

mandag 29. oktober 2012

29.10.2012 aka LunchSketchDay 1

Deatknights are fun to do:D

Might take it further, but a good way to spend a thirty minute lunch^^


mandag 22. oktober 2012

22.10.2012 aka MoreSketchiesDay

Here are some more sketchies. I have started trying to combine my sketching and my studies, so I can apply what I learn quicker:)


Oh and by the by: ADVENTURE TIME!

fredag 19. oktober 2012

19.10.2012 aka Scans and Sketches of the Week

Here are some lunch sketches from the week as well as some scans from my sketchbooks:)


søndag 14. oktober 2012

14.10.2012 aka Sketches Over the Weekend

It has been kinda busy over the weekend, but I went for some lifedrawing, so there should be some scans coming on soon

tirsdag 9. oktober 2012

09.10.2012 aka ColorStudyDay14

Here is a study that was supposed to be of Marion Cotillard, but I can see I still have a ways to go before I master this shit, but the landscapes are getting better^^


mandag 1. oktober 2012

01.10.2012 aka ColorStudyDay13

So I got hold of some of Linda Berkvist's tutorials, and was very eager to try them out, as she is one of the better artists I know of when it comes to the use of colors and especially skin tones. So here is my first one;

Decided to do a twist on her tutorial though so I did an old person's eye, no direct ref apart from the tutorial.

Clearly I have some work to do.


I felt a little homesick so here is a nisse, a traditional norwegian gnome^^

søndag 30. september 2012

onsdag 26. september 2012

26.09.2012 aka ColorStudyDay11

Here is another one of the color studies, hope ya'll like it.

mandag 24. september 2012

24.09.2012 aka ColorStudyDay10

Areit so for today, here is the first of a series of interiors I will be doing, and along with that is the progress on my character that I am doing on the side. I call him Snorre, he is gonna be cool:)