mandag 24. september 2012

24.09.2012 aka ColorStudyDay10

Areit so for today, here is the first of a series of interiors I will be doing, and along with that is the progress on my character that I am doing on the side. I call him Snorre, he is gonna be cool:)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Very cool, your skills with quick colors studies are impressive.

    The character looks good to,
    just a little observation, if i can, according to me the torso seems to be a little bit too long in comparison with head and legs. I guess this way it looks less dynamic than it could be, but it's question of choice.

    keep drawing and posting, for my pleasure and

  2. yeah really cool work! The guy in the thumbnail looked like a girl at first though, I think his shoes look too "elegant", you need some stronger boots to really ground him I think...Great work though, I can't do any better :P