tirsdag 18. september 2012

18.09.2012 aka ColorStudyDay8

Today was a wierd day of work, just got started when we were suddenly called into a meeting room for a visit from Stephan Martiniere. What I assumed would be a short affair went on to a 2 hour chat, back and forth about art, games, movies, and whatever else. A very pleasent time, all in all.

This evening he is doing a planned talk in town, so I think I will bring my sketchbook and fill some pages, and I will also try and upload some sketches when I finish the book.

For today, I studied a samurai helmet, fun to try and make efficient use of patterns and selections on one hand, and handle lighting on the other.

Also, the new season of QI is on, so get your trivia fix ooooon people! Oh Stephen Fry, you are lovely^^


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