torsdag 29. september 2011

29.09.2011 aka Forest day

Study of the day. I need to work on my colors, and my landscapes...and my characters..and my enviros...and my industrial design...jeeez there is not enough hours in the day

onsdag 28. september 2011

28.09.2011 aka Another fireman day

Another good day today, got to work a bit more on my fireman, and did some pose studies, playing around with how he would move, pose, and some different brain farts about his general nature. Time to go home and study^^


tirsdag 27. september 2011

Just started my fireman Character, for the Volta portfolio:)


mandag 26. september 2011

Study of a manly manly firefighter, study for a character I am working on.


søndag 25. september 2011

25.09.2010 aka. end of weekend update.

ey folks, been taking it easy this weekend. Got myself a new screen though, and almost filled out the rest of my SB, so I gotta go get a fresh moleskine soon. Here are some studies from the weekend.


onsdag 21. september 2011

tirsdag 20. september 2011

20.09.2010 aka. Mechday

After the horrible update last night I thought I might treat you to the industrial design thing I am doing for the Volta portfolio.

mandag 19. september 2011

søndag 18. september 2011

18.09.2011 aka. Tea Pot Day

Got in a few good studies today, and got started on some men-at-arms characters for portfolio purposes. Also, I went and bought a good tea pot today^^ A fine day indeed.


lørdag 17. september 2011

17.09.2011 aka A wonderfull day for some sketching

Just had a fine fine day of sketching with my wonderfull colleagues, Fred Rambaud and Anna Fehr and have decided to invest in a proper tea pot, updates on which will follow. For today I have a still life for you, as well as some ideas for air/space craft.


fredag 16. september 2011

17.9.2011 aka. It's Always Sunny in Quebec

Haha, first update from Canada. Let's dust this place of and get it back up and running!

As the title suggests, I have been watching way to much Always Sunny lately, but then again, what is really too much of such a good thing. Anyhow, I AM BAAACK!