tirsdag 11. desember 2012

12.12.2012 aka IllustrationDay8

Painting on mah dwarf, and hanging out with mah lady^^

(PS: check out her stuff at stefabou.tumblr.com)

søndag 9. desember 2012

10.12.2012 aka IllustrationDay7

This is Dwarfy MacDwarf! He roams the high passes, and slays goblins and the odd dragon!

torsdag 6. desember 2012

06.12.2012 aka IllustrationDay6

Here is the innitial concept for the next onem some sort of alien:)

onsdag 5. desember 2012

05.12.2012 aka IllustrationDay5

Here is the finished piece, or at least as far as I gonna push it. I have learned a lot from it, so I think I will move on to the next one, and keep improving:D Hells this is fun^^


tirsdag 4. desember 2012

mandag 3. desember 2012

03.12.2012 aka LunchSketchDay6

Been reading Conn Iggulden lately, and mongols are AWESOME! Romans are pretty fucking cool though, but the Mongols are extraordinary.


søndag 2. desember 2012

02.12.2012 aka IllustrationDay3

WIP on my illustration, I will finish it this week I think:)