tirsdag 29. januar 2013

29.01.2012 aka LeftoverSketchesDay

Here are some I had lying around. i founf out about the fingerpainting thing in photoshop today, that was all kinds of awesome!

søndag 27. januar 2013

27.01.2012 aka SundaySketch

Here is my warmup for today, and a progress shot of the pirate piece

torsdag 24. januar 2013

onsdag 23. januar 2013

tirsdag 22. januar 2013

23.01.2012 aka IllustrationDay12

So for some reason I just went 10 days without an update. I have not been completely apathetic though, I have just not gotten around to update. Here is where the illustration has gone, I will give you some little sketchies, and hopefully another illustration update tomorrow:)

-Cheers to you all, hope you don't completely hate the colors, I am still not very good at them.

I am working on it though!


søndag 13. januar 2013

13.01.2012 aka IllustrationDay11

So here is the linedrawing for the illu. Next is color and rendeeeeer:D:D:D

tirsdag 8. januar 2013

torsdag 3. januar 2013

01.03.2012 aka IllustrationDay9

Some little thumbnails and a sketch, I want to try and finish my dwarf this weekend though

onsdag 2. januar 2013

02.01.2012 aka FirstSketchOfTheYear

Not entirely true, but first one on the blog, so there. I do like the dramatic samurai, all cool in the face of death, apt for the opening of a new year!