tirsdag 28. februar 2012

28.02.2012 aka SpitShineDay

Render render render, fiddle with comp, render render:)


mandag 27. februar 2012

27.02.2012 aka TheMorningAfterDay

Not in a bad sense but it has been a good long weekend, did some livestream hangout on DansDangerRoom
Watch live streaming video from danielsdangerroom at livestream.com

torsdag 23. februar 2012

23.02.2012 aka no-internett-day

It died on me this morning, so I was affraid I would not get to update, but then I got to the office, and updated from there... yeah

onsdag 22. februar 2012

mandag 20. februar 2012

20.02.2012 aka yawningday

Meh didn't have coffee this morning, but I did do some sketching and studying

søndag 19. februar 2012

fredag 17. februar 2012

17.02.2012 aka. DarwinDays 5

Damn I just went schizo this morning, first doing a landscape study, then a girly sketch then an enviro sketch^^


tirsdag 14. februar 2012

14.02.2012 aka DarwinDays 3

Ah this is turning out to be quite a good week^^ Been a little busy, but thanks to that business I will have an extra day of in the near future:D


mandag 13. februar 2012

13.02.2012 aka. DarwinDay2

Wooo HAPPY DARWINSDAYS EVERYONE! Imma gonna do a portrait master study of the man this week^^


torsdag 9. februar 2012

09.02.2012 aka LateDay

Not much time for the blog today, but here is some sketching from work:)


onsdag 8. februar 2012

08.02.2012 aka ZeFrankDay,

Watched the show all night, while reading, and now I have overslept...baaaaalls. -_-

tirsdag 7. februar 2012

07.02.2012 aka Dragonrenderday

mmmmmmmm rendering my dragon sketch. Next step is taking this thing to color^^


mandag 6. februar 2012

06.02.2012 aka MMAday

Areit, so I found that my anatomy and lighting and stuff is still not as strong as it should be, so I decided I will be doing MMA studies this month:) Here is the first one.

fredag 3. februar 2012

03.02.2012 aka Compday

Did some compositions and sketched me some knights of different inspirations. Good morning all in all^^

torsdag 2. februar 2012

02.02.2012 aka Ladiesday

More studies of the female form. So much to learn, way to little time, but we'll get there:)


onsdag 1. februar 2012

01.02.2012 aka INeedToGetMoreEfficientDay

To much time spent with to little result. Gotta get quicker and more efficient, only way to get more done!