mandag 16. desember 2013

16.12.2013 aka MuchSketchDay

Did a little scanning today, loads of sorting out and trying to tweak levels and curves in PS. Enjoy!

onsdag 13. november 2013

13.11.2013 aka MoreSpitPaintDay

Thought I should update some more of these!

Swamp Creature:

Astronaut and Sandstorm


Sick Creature

Gnome Warlock

Grave Guardian




War Ghost

Weather Demon

fredag 1. november 2013

01.11.2013 aka SpeediesDay

I have been parttaking in the Daily Spitpaint challenge :

You are given a key word or theme, and 30 mintues to create an piece

Here are some of the resulting images

 Fire Temple and Undead Giant
Plant People
 Zombie Carrier:

fredag 18. oktober 2013

18.10.2013 aka RAWR-Day

Been a few days since the last update. Have done some studies and prepared for rendering out some of the livestream sketches I have been posting lately