søndag 9. juni 2013

09.06,2013 aka AnatomyStudies01

So suddenly a month had past, and I had uploaded nothing, which is, I am glad to say, bot the same as I have done nothing, it is just that they are things that, for a few reasons I cannot share..or at least not yet, BUT today I managed to get back to what I am supposed to be doing: Getting better. I have been reviewing a lot of my work lately, and have been finding that I want to understand anatomy and value better, as well as color, (Which seems to be a much repeated sentiment from me) So here is the first of many anatomy study/sketch pages coming up, as well as two kinda random sketches.

Also there seems that a few choice goodies are coming up that I can share from my work at Volta, so yeah, things seem to be looking up^^

Keep well folks, I all of yous and please leave some comments if you have the time, it would be nice to have some dialogue going on


4 kommentarer:

  1. I've been watching for quite some time, and I think that you are only getting better and better.

    Here's some possibilities for some things to do in the future:

    Perhaps some in-motion studies:

    Perhaps trying to do a ton of cloth studies that are actually draped on figures:

    If trying for some of those fantasy drawings, perhaps some armor study for a bit:

    Either way, it can't hurt to just keep on trucking! :) GO GO GO!

  2. real nice leg studies, i like those. That first piece is pretty neat too, id like to see it developed even further. Keep it up!