fredag 9. mars 2012

09.03.2012 aka NothingToSeeHereDay

Sooo this turned out kinda wierd....Not sure how i feel about it..


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  1. Well, I'm really digging the color scheme! I kinda thought that that the characters would be more crisply rendered. But besides that, I would suggest to lighten it up a little. You can barely make things out.
    Great placement on the Zelda logo, interesting design overall. The composition is visually interesting. The only problem lies in the back panel. If you were going by typical video game packaging, wouldn't most of Ganon be covered up by text?
    I don't know what the stipulations were for the back of the box.

    Anyway, to quick recap, Great composition. Very interesting and vivid color scheme. More rendering. Crisper edges. Great logo placement.

    Hope that this helps (and let me know if critiquing here is out of line).

  2. Yeah, just saw it on my work screen, definatly needs lighting up